10 Tips to Selling your Home

November 28th, 2021

A new service for many buyers’ agents is ‘Vendor’s Advocacy”. This is where a buyer’s agent provides assistance to potential sellers but not as a listing agent. This service includes advising a seller on how to best prepare their home for sale, giving an accurate market assessment and finding the right listing agent.

A seller often wants to lock in where they plan to go and what to buy, before or at the same time, they are selling. This process of ‘selling to buy’ can be stressful on both sides. Now may be a good time to sell and downsize, but you need to fully research your forward plans first. Therefore, getting the right advice is crucial before beginning the process.

This step is best done before talking to listing agents – especially if you are selling to buy somewhere else. Is it the right move? Are you going to release enough funds to make the next move? These are some of the questions that need asking.

The most common mistake is renovating expensive things like kitchens and bathrooms. 9 out of 10 times it is best not to spend lots of money and it’s the simple things that go a long way. Here’s a quick checklist of the top 10 things to do to prep your house for sale.

Here are the 10 Tips to Selling your Home:

1. First impressions are most important. Make sure the front entrance is bright and welcoming. Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Maybe lay down some mulch in the garden beds. If the driveway is rough and unsealed, a load of white pebbles can lift it up.

2. Now walk in the front door with fresh eyes as if you have never been there before. Is it cluttered and messy? Any nicks or marks in the paint? Does the hallway seem open, expansive and inviting?

3. Bathrooms and kitchens get special scrutiny from prospective buyers, so give attention to these rooms. Clean up any clutter, thin out the contents of the cupboards to give a better idea of space. Check for any signs of mould in wet areas and inside the vanity.

4. New buyers often like to do a new kitchen themselves, so very rarely is it worthwhile redoing a kitchen, but there are a few tricks to make an old kitchen look presentable and not like something pre-war.

5. Clean all windows and windowsills, especially if your view is special. Make sure all windows and doors open and close cleanly without any faults or stickiness.

6. Check your woodwork. You can quickly touch up chipped or marked paint on balustrades and floor moulding.

7. Inspect areas that come in frequent contact with soiled hands – especially window frames, doorframes, edges of doors, and walls around light switches. If the areas are dirty, you may be able to clean them; if that doesn’t work, do a touch-up painting. Buy new light switch covers if they are old and stained.

8. Same approach with cabinet doors: Scrub clean of fingerprints, if possible, or touch up painted areas. Pay special attention to the kitchen, which should be spotless.

9. Water stains on the ceiling from old roof leaks are a huge red flag for prospective buyers. After making certain that your roof is sound, be sure to prime and re-paint these potential ‘deal-breakers’.

10. When presenting your house to prospective buyers, find the right balance between a home and a hotel. Make it look personal and lived in but not messy and cluttered. The buyer could move right in without too much trouble.

In this market it can be tricky if you have to sell first to buy somewhere else. A buyers agent can help you sell as a vendors advocate. Find out more about Byron Property Search vendor’s advocacy service here. A vendor’s advocate is best to assist and advise you before you sign with a listing agent.

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