Sustainability Features Add Value

June 26th, 2024

Adding expensive features to your home, such as pools, studios, and landscaping, does not always pay off when it comes time to sell. However, a new report from Domain suggests that adding sustainability features does translate into higher sale prices.

Domain Sustainability Report

A new report has found that homeowners with sustainable features sell for an average premium of $112,000 compared to houses without. Sustainable houses attract 16.7% more online listing views from buyers than their counterparts.

It measured whether properties sold had keywords in their listing such as eco, energy-saving, solar, solar panel, sustainable, double-glazed, or north-facing. A green premium of 14.5% separates the two types of houses. For units, green homes fetched $70,000, or 11.7% more.

However, the gap varied by city, with Sydney having the best uplift at 23%. The report did not provide stats for the Northern Rivers, but the Combined Regions uplift in value was 20.9%.

Report Author States:

Domain Chief of Research and Economics Dr Nicola Powell says, “It reduces the running costs of a home, makes a home more liveable, and is therefore better for your health. As a society, we are becoming much more conscious of our carbon footprint.”

“A lot of homes are surprised by high bills at the moment, so going into a new house with solar panels and stuff like that will save them money when it comes to electricity bills,” she said.

Unfortunately, the report did not include recent opinions on price variations for a nuclear reactor in your backyard. One could assume that they were not very optimistic.

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