Interview With a Vampire?

March 25th, 2021

interview with a vampire

Interview With a Vampire?

2021-03-25 03:23

I found this interesting and some readers may as well. Terry Agnew is one of the owners of West Byron development. It is easy to caricature these big-money developers as greedy, cigar-chomping philistines who take glee in stomping on local communities and eating the heads off small furry animals for breakfast.

That may be true, who knows? I am not a fan of West Byron and not keen on more brick and tile greenfield developments. I think there are better ways to deliver cost-effective housing without such an ecological cost – but planning regulations need to catch up first.

But in dealing with people like this, it would be far better to understand them and learn how they think and what drives them. The take-home is that he just seems like someone who would be open to negotiate with and get a good outcome for Byron instead of fighting it for decades and getting something no one wants. In this interview, he starts talking about Byron Bay around minute 13.

Terry Agnew Interview

One Reply to “Interview With a Vampire?”

  1. Definitely would be great to get Terry around the table and talk about the future for Byron Bay. How he can help in some way in a positive manner that helps the smaller fry like you and I.

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