Jailed Unique Estate Agent Gets Early Release

March 25th, 2021

jailed unique estate agent early release

Jailed Unique Estate Agent Gets Early Release

2021-03-25 03:24

This information was provided to me by a reader and I have not been able to verify it through Professor Google. But since this newsletter sees lots of interest in this story, the information is provided here but has not been verified.

Nicolette Van Winjgaarden, the principal-agent of Unique Estates was sentenced to at least one year nine months in jail in November 2019.  She was found guilty of embezzling $3.69 mil from the company trust fund. Many local residents and former employees were badly burnt in this fraud.

Apparently, she has been released 6 months early and has been living in Manly, Sydney since February.

Unique Estates established itself as a top-end agency with six agencies throughout the country. It went after many wealthy and famous clients including Chris Hemsworth and others. it seems Ms Wijngaarten decided to siphon off funds from the trust account to keep the flash cars, first-class air travel, and excessive lifestyle intact when the sales turnover was not enough. She got a reduced sentence for handing herself in and taking her medicine.

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