Parking Problems

February 26th, 2023

Parking Problems

2023-02-26 09:03

In 2010, Byron council spent $50,000 on changing the signage and rules to stop ‘rear in’ parking. These days it is ‘front in’ parking only. The complaint was that all the roadside diners were being gassed with exhaust fumes while they were eating and coffee-ing.

It seems this expensive signage is not popular with everyone. The ‘front in only’ wording is only small and at the bottom of the sign and easy to miss. Many visitors and tourists are stunned and annoyed when they get the $120 fine – also not spelled out in the signage.

Be a good host. If you see people who are not aware of the ruling and parking the wrong way, inform them of the issue before it costs them a fine.

One Reply to “Parking Problems”

  1. Great idea. many of us have been doing it for years and visitors really appreciate it. Good encouragement!

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