19 and 21 Brownell Drive, Wategos Beach

January 29th, 2024

19 and 21 Brownell Drive, Wategos Beach

2024-01-29 11:55

These two new luxury homes are side by side in Brownell Drive Wategos Beach. Big brother and little brother. 19 is larger and listed first, in the middle of last year which was when I inspected it. This eastern end of Brownell Drive has been a building site as many of the older homes have been demolished and new luxury residences replacing them.

#19 had hopes of being the next record-setting sale – hoping to beat the last sale of $22 mil. It had aspirations of low 30s but the market has interfered with that ambition and it now asking $20 mil. #21 has a range of $16.5 – 18 mil. Both have an internal lift to three floors, pool, gym, spa, and walk to the beach – all the essentials necessary in a simple, laid-back, beach shack.

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