Man Builds 10 Ft Wide House to Spite Nimby Neighbours

May 24th, 2024

Man Builds 10 Ft Wide House to Spite Nimby Neighbours

2024-05-24 01:29

The owner of this plot of land in Florida was met with resistance from his neighbours when he tried to amend the boundary to assist in a more reasonable building envelope. The immediate neighbour made it quite clear he did not want his view affected, and it was where he walked his dog, who used to drop doggy poo there.

The owner, Ryan Weatherhold, decided to proceed with the build anyway. The home, measuring 10ft across by 80ft deep in Jacksonville Beach, went on the market last month for $619,000 and joined a list of other notable “spite houses” built to antagonise NIMBY (not in my backyard) neighbours.

When they bought the 25ft-wide lot from another developer in 2021, they assumed they could successfully petition for a relaxation in building codes to allow for a more standard-sized house. The neighbours, however, had other ideas and fought “tooth and nail” against plans to develop on one of the few remaining plots in the area, the owner Wetherhold said.

It was built with local character and colour and has become an attraction. All the neighbours, even the spiteful ones, are happy with the outcome.

10 Foot Wide House

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