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February 28th, 2021

council stuff

Council Stuff

2021-02-28 10:55

DA’s backed up

The ongoing movement of people to the shire has not only affecting property prices. It also is having knock-on dilemmas for the council. In the past, the average number of DAs (Development Applications) in progress averaged around 150. Currently, DA’s are backed up and now sitting around 400. Most LGAs (Local Governing Authorities) promise 40 days to turnaround a DA. Our shire has been flat out getting something through in 3 months and expect that to get longer.

Rural Dual occupancy’s for MOs and CTs

This is very important, Rural dual occupancy has been very successful as a way to quickly and easily get new dwellings without having to re-zone land. For some odd reason, the council have decided to disallow rural dual occupancy on Multiple Occupancy’s and Community Titles (MOs and CTs). This issue will go on public display in council next month. Everyone concerned about the dire shortage of rentals and the homeless should make a submission on this issue. Legalising dual occupancies should be an option for all rural properties. Please contribute to this discussion.

ID – Informed Decisions

BSC has access to the demographic data resources of .IdCommunity. Next month I will bring you some more info on the economic activity of the shire and how it has faired during COVID and what it looks like coming out of the pandemic.

Bypass – finally

The Byron Bay bypass was finally opened along Butler Street. This piece of well-needed infrastructure has been in the pipeline for over 30 years. I suspect that the many opposing voices about this change will be wrong that it will not make any difference. Of course, it is not a silver bullet and the Byron CBD will still have congestion issues, but, as in the masterplan, we can gradually make Jonson Street into a more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare.

Here is a previous story about Tony Narracott who was a driving force for the bypass.


Tany Narracott’s Eye on the Bypass

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