Depreciation Schedules

August 29th, 2021

depreciation schedules

Depreciation Schedules

2021-08-29 11:59

Many investment property owners are not aware of the savings that can be made by doing a proper depreciation schedule. Anh Nguyen from Duo Tax is offering BPS readers a 10% discount on the fee if they mention this piece.

Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors, explains how tax depreciation works. It can benefit your cash flow and the upkeep of your investment property. Depreciation is the wear and tear that occurs as things get older. The cost of this depreciation can be deducted from your taxable income. The majority of owners get to claim an average of $7,500 of tax depreciation in their first year alone. If you are interested, Anh can provide a free estimate on how much value resides for the first year. Use this link and Duo Tax can provide a free estimate on how much depreciation you can claim by using this link –  Duo Tax Depreciation enquiry

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