Holiday Letting Changes

October 31st, 2021

holiday letting changes

Holiday Letting Changes

2021-10-31 11:03

I have probably posted more stories about Holiday Letting and Airbnb than any other issue over the years. Maybe this latest development will help settle it but somehow I doubt it. The new STRA planning policy framework has been introduced and the NSW Gov wants all STHL owners to register their properties. If you are a host and share a house with guests then not much will change. If you rent out a fully self-contained house you will be restricted to 180 days in each year in which you can rent. Byron council, especially interim mayor, Michael Lyons, wants to restrict this even further to 90 days. Most people in the industry doubt that the state gov will allow an exception for Byron Shire. Also, there is a discussion about how it would be policed and even if it is fully legal. Read the full regs below in the link.


STHL Guidelines and Registration

Holiday Letting Maps and Guidelines

Update – Short Term Holiday Letting

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