The New Enova

September 2nd, 2022

The New Enova

2022-09-02 03:49

Many locals and readers of this newsletter would have been Enova Energy customers. It is a shame that our local community energy provider did not have the muscle or the deep pockets required to survive the hustle and bustle of this country’s chaotic electricity market.

It seems the new provider with similar values and green credentials is Energy Locals. I have made the switch to them and they seem pretty good. If you feel like supporting a local, green energy provider then try this one. It is easy to switch.

Energy Locals

Poo Power Coming to Town

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2 Replies to “The New Enova”

  1. One note of buyer beware on Energy Locals. I switched to them when we moved up here 6 years ago. I subsequently ended up taking them to the Ombudsman after their non-disclosure of a critical change to my plan when we installed a Smart Meter and some particularly poor customer service. The whole farce took over 8 months to resolve. They may be cheap and green but that does not guarantee you ethical service – just my two cents worth and hopefully an isolated experience. We’ve since switched to another provider and have had no issues since.

    1. Thanks Nicola, good to know.
      I will watch it closely. I assume that is mainly digital sign-up and billing. They are probably not ideal at customer service. That is one way to keep the costs down I suppose. Thanks for letting us know.

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