4 Yackatoon Court, Ocean Shores

April 27th, 2023

4 Yackatoon Court, Ocean Shores

2023-04-27 06:19

Readers have asked me to include lower-priced properties as well. Not just do the super luxury top-end sales. This month my good buying tip is some of the unrenovated homes on the ridgeline in Ocean Shores. They often have excellent ocean views and sea breezes and I believe they have good capital gain potential. I have helped a few clients into these homes.

This one for example is good buying at $1.2 mil. The 4-bed house needs work and may have drainage/water runoff problems but it has an excellent block of land with great ocean views. It is enough land for a duplex if deemed to be a teardown.

4 Yackatoon Court Ocean Shores

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